NSF-DOD-NIST Workshop Towards Modeling & Simulation-Enabled Design of Intelligent Robots

April 17, 2018
Gaithersburg, MD

Rationale: The premise of this workshop is that modeling and simulation (M&S) plays an increasingly important role in designing robots and shaping their interaction with each other, humans, and their surrounding environment. Robust and validated simulation tools come into play in quasi-static and dynamic motion/action planning and solution optimization. They are also used to generate synthetic data in machine learning exercises. To deliver on the potential of M&S, these simulation tools should be capable of handling complex scenarios that might include compliant/deformable robots, terramechanics, fluid-solid interaction, friction/contact/impact, operations in non-trivial virtual worlds, sensor simulation, etc. The goal of this one-day workshop is to bring together experts from two communities: robotics and M&S, in a brainstorming session that would point out opportunities, identify challenges, and propose pragmatic "next steps" vis-à-vis the goal of increasing the role that M&S plays in smart robotics.

Workshop outcomes: In this one day meeting we seek to: identify robotics M&S opportunities and challenges; and, suggest concrete and immediate measures/steps that could increase the impact that M&S plays in the future of robotics. Rather than debating/discussing the merits of the existing M&S tools/approaches, the interest is in identifying M&S research opportunities and priorities, identifying standards/specifications that will guide and accelerate the adoption of M&S, fostering the creation of repositories of standardized/shared models for validation and evaluation, etc. We plan to summarize the insights gained in a concise blue-ribbon report and a short journal publication.


07:30 - Registration
08:00 - Introduction: goal of the workshop, logistics
08:30 - Participant self-introduction
09:00 - Coffee/Snack Break
09:30 - Breakout, Topic 1: How M&S could help/helps Robotics. Suggested discussion points:

10:15 - Joint session. Group speaker summarizes each group's thinking on issues related to Topic 1. General discussion.
11:15 - Lunch (onsite, catered)
12:00 - Breakout, Topic 2: Issues that continue to hinder M&S in Robotics. Suggested discussion points:

12:45 - Joint session. Group speaker summarizes each group's thinking on issues related to Topic 2. General discussion.
13:45 - Coffee/Snack Break
14:15 - Breakout, Topic 3: M&S in Robotics: concrete next steps. Possible breakthroughs. Speculations about disruptive technologies vis-à-vis the issue of M&S in Robotics. Suggested discussion points:

15:00 - Joint session. Group speaker summarizes each group's thinking on issues related to Topic 3. General discussion.
16:00 - Short Coffee Break
16:15 - Joint session. Open-floor discussion. Minutia, workshop-related: blue ribbon report and journal paper.
17:00 - Wrap up

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Email: workshop@simulationinrobotics.science Website: http://simulationinrobotics.science